Ever want to make an extraordinarily long Rainbow Loom chain? With a couple of our good friends, we achieved that goal. After a year and a half, our chain, when last measured, is 416.5 inches. However, we are still making it. We had other kids who helped us and gave us Rainbow Loom bands when we were short in supply.

Want to know how this journey started? It was April Fools’ Day, and Abby’s parents’ anniversary. Abby wanted to make her parents bracelets but didn’t have time to make them before school. She brought them to lunch, and other kids helped her. They didn’t want to stop, which got Abby to bring Rainbow Loom every single day. The next day, we started making a chain. When we finished making it, we gave it to our fourth-grade teacher.

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After that, we still didn’t want to stop making them — we were addicted. We then started this current chain. Every other week, we would stretch it out to see how long it was. There are always kids jumping over it and doing the limbo every time we stretch it. Our group of five was so proud that we worked on it every day during lunch period.

Our goal is to make it long enough to cross the playground of our school. Once we reach that goal, we are going to try to make it the longest Rainbow Loom chain in the world. Making a Rainbow Loom chain like this takes hard work and persistence. We hope we have inspired you to possibly even start your own Rainbow Loom gang with a goal of your own.