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Good Evening

Our Girl Scout troop cleaned up Hempstead Turnpike

Kidsday reporter Kiara Cini, right, with Girl Scouts

Kidsday reporter Kiara Cini, right, with Girl Scouts Vanessa, left, and Alex DeCastro, all of Franklin Square, cleaning up Hempstead Turnpike. Credit: Cini family

It was a bright and sunny morning. Every Girl Scout in our troop met at the St. Catherine of Sienna Church parking lot in Franklin Square to clean up Hempstead Turnpike.

The turnpike was a huge mess. There was garbage all over the sidewalks, and the plants lining the sidewalk were dead. The Girl Scouts had to plant new ones and pick up the garbage. Some scouts replaced the old flowers with daffodils. Other scouts had to pick up the garbage. They wore rubber gloves. It was a smelly and messy job. It took us about five hours.

After it was done, it looked breathtakingly beautiful. We got $100 from TNT Liquidators because we were cleaning and making the turnpike look amazing. After that, a few of us got to go to Lia’s Pizzeria. After we finished, we felt proud of ourselves. Our parents also were proud of us.

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