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Our inspiring visit to the BOCES career center

Our teacher, Constance Krauss, likes to motivate us to think about our futures, so she arranged for us to take a trip to the Eastern Suffolk BOCES Special Career and Technical Education Center in Oakdale. She wanted us to learn about some educational resources that can transform our lives when we get older.

So, we boarded a bus and off we went to the center. The school had many different classes to visit, ranging from auto body repair to transportation service. There were many different courses to choose from. All classes are available to any student, no matter where he or she goes to school.

Some kids went to horticulture because they wanted to learn about working with plants. They made floral arrangements to take home. It was so much fun.

Another class we visited was the canine careers. We learned the different body parts of dogs, how to groom and cut their hair. Kidsday reporter Raymond Brown said he was especially excited because he loves animals. He said his goal is to work with all types of animals. He mentioned that if he could attend this class, he could graduate and open a grooming shop of his own.

Yaneth Guzman-Escobar also said she enjoys working with animals. She thought it would be cool to baby-sit for puppies and get a job at a pet shop.

We also visited the introduction to cooking class. There we learned about reading recipes and how important it is to measure accurately. We helped bake cookies. It was exciting because we got to eat them, too. We also learned about healthy eating.

During the visit to the electronics class, Jonathan Munz said this course would provide him with all the skills and knowledge he would need for color coding, soldering and testing instruments.

He wanted to know if this class would help him get a job when he gets older. The answer was yes. He also wanted to know how much money he would make. He didn't get an answer for that! All the courses offered can help kids get jobs either during school or later as a career.

After our visit, Abraham Fabel remembered something we read in social studies: "In New York's modern economy, people are like natural resources. Educated and trained workers are very important." He said he was excited to know he could be a natural resource if he gets the education and training available to all boys and girls.

You can find out more about this great place. Visit the website:


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