If you’re like us, meeting someone famous is always a thrill. We had the pleasure of going to Manhattan to interview and watch the hit country music singer Lauren Alaina perform. We headed to the Kola House club to interview Lauren and attend her listening party dedicated to her new album, “Road Less Traveled.”

When we arrived, they were doing a sound check so we all quietly sat down and listened to the sound check run over and over again until the sound was perfect. Some of us started to giggle because all we could hear was, “Check, one two, check, one two.” They worked hard until the sound was perfect. This was a cool experience because we’ve never seen the preparation for a concert before.

After that, Lauren’s manager, Lee, told us Lauren was ready to meet us, and we squealed with delight. We walked down glittery stairs and when we finally reached her dressing room, everyone let out some oohs and aahs. And there she was, Lauren Alaina, sitting on the golden colored couches waiting for us. This was really an awesome scene. We all sat down and she greeted us very nicely, and then the interview began.

As we sat down and admired her sparkling dress and beautiful, long eyelashes, we couldn’t believe we were actually there. Lauren began the interview by telling us that she wrote 300-plus songs, then records them, then they only choose 12 for her latest album. We were all surprised to hear that if she didn’t become a musician she would have become a special-education teacher. We learned that math was her favorite subject.

We asked her lots of questions including: What makes “Road Less Traveled” so special? Lauren said it is because she wrote all the songs. Since her first two albums were rushed, she wasn’t able to write any of the songs, but on this one, “I was able to tell the world my story through my music,” she said.

Lauren is from Georgia, and we asked her what is her fantasy place to live. She told us Bora Bora. She said she would really like to have a see-through floor so she could see the ocean underneath her at all times.

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We all have wondered about this one, and Lauren told us what it is like to hear her own song on the radio. She said, “When I first heard my song ‘Georgia Peaches’ on the radio I opened up the car windows and started screaming to the other people on the road, ‘My song’s on the radio!’ Of course I wasn’t driving.

Finally we planned this little bit of mischief out with Lauren. Ava asked “Lauren, can you help us with this?” Then we started singing her song “Georgia Peaches,” and before we knew it, Lauren joined in. It was so cool and exciting. She was so nice and sweet. After the interview, we took pictures. The good part was that it wasn’t the end yet. We were still going to see Lauren preform. So we went upstairs to watch the show and were assigned the V.I.P section. How cool was that? So cool, if you were wondering.

Lauren’s manager, Lee, came over and asked us for our names, then came back soon after with signed CDs. We couldn’t believe our luck. We then stood up by the railing to watch Lauren sing.

When she got on stage, people started screaming, but they fell silent when she reached for the microphone. She started to sing and people started to clap. First she sang “Queen of Hearts,” and then “Doin’ Fine.” After that, she sang “Three,” which was very sad for her to sing. At the very end on her last song, something big happened — something that never happened to us before.

“It was great when Lauren told the crowd how great it was meeting us and that we meant the world to her,” said Nicole. Then Lauren dedicated one of her songs to the four of us. It was amazing. The song was “Road Less Traveled.” But the evening was coming to an end. As Kami explained, “I felt like Cinderella when her fairy-tale night came to an end. This is a memory none of us will ever forget.”