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Our interview with singer Tiffany Houghton

Singer Tiffany Houghton with Kidsday reporters Sophia Wennerod,

Singer Tiffany Houghton with Kidsday reporters Sophia Wennerod, left, Maggie Johnston and Mia O'Connell. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Recently we saw singer Tiffany Houghton perform at Webstster Hall in Manhattan and then interviewed her right after her performance. We think she is going to become a bigger and bigger star. We love her songs, “High” and “I’m Gonna Love You,” which we saw her perform that afternoon. After we finished our interview, we exchanged media accounts and made a with her. She was very excited to see us and we were very excited to see her. We can all say we had a great time being there.

As with most singers, we were interested in how she got started. Tiffany said, “Every memory that I have from growing up, I was always singing. It was like breathing. I just love to sing. So I would say it was something like I just came here and knew I wanted to sing, but I think to continue singing and to pursue singing, the influence really was just in how much I was influenced by artists that I looked up to and I really wanted to do the same thing for girls and throughout the next generation.”

We told her how much we liked her song “High” and wanted to know if she was so surprised it became a big hit. She said, “Yes. It was such a fun song to record and to write and to shoot the video for. It did so well that I just hopped in a car and moved to L.A.”

We were curious how Tiffany feels when she is recognized in public. “I love it,” she exclaimed. “Because I get more starry-eyed by seeing my fans than I think they do by seeing me. It’s so exciting for me to get to meet them and see them and hang out with them and talk to them.”

After watching her perform, we wanted to know if it’s difficult to sing and move around on stage. Tiffany said, “It’s actually easier for me to sing when I’m like dancing around. When I dance around the stage, I usually like having a high-energy show, but when I’m just playing the piano, or guitar, I have to be, like, so confined. So I actually prefer when I’m running around, which doesn’t make any sense, but, go figure.”

Tiffany also told us that she says a prayer before going on stage every time. She also told us that there might even be acting in her future. And Tiffany said that when she was younger, she was an alternate for the lead role in the Broadway show “Annie.”

Finally she told us that she is just finishing up her new album and that it should be coming out at the end of March. She added, “With this album, I want to convey a message of strength for girls. I hope I can convey a message of strength and staying true to yourself.”

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