Good Morning
Good Morning

Our new dog completes our family

The day my family and I picked out my puppy Cooper was a very exciting day for us. My other dog, Hampton, died at age 15. We felt like our family was not complete. My mom and I went school shopping and we knocked over a dog food bag that had a picture of a chocolate Lab on it. We also found cute folders with pictures of Lab puppies. While we were shopping, my dad called my mom's cellphone and said that he found chocolate Lab puppies.

We drove to Sportsman Kennel in Manorville. The woman at the kennel brought two chocolate Lab puppies into a room with us. We picked the smaller one out of the two. We couldn't take him home because he needed all of his shots, which would take two weeks.

After the two weeks we picked up our puppy, leash, collar and some toys at the kennel. Our ride home was long. The puppy in the crate was crying. My mom climbed in the backseat and held him to calm him down. I also had a chance to hold him in the car.

Once we were home, our family was complete again. We named him Cooper.

Since getting Cooper we have taught him to sit and give high-fives. He loves to be cuddled and I am so glad he is with us.

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