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Our rolling good time with the Bubble Ball

Kidsday reporter from Mount Sinai tests the Bubble

Kidsday reporter from Mount Sinai tests the Bubble Ball. Credit: Karl O’Leary

We were able to test out the Bubble Ball ( to find out if it would be fun for kids our age to play with. The Bubble Ball comes in three different sizes — small, medium and large.

The first thing you have to do is blow it up. That takes a while, about five minutes. You have to lay the pump in a certain direction to blow up the ball. The next piece of excitement was getting into the life-size ball. We found it hard to get into.

After all of us took turns, we came to some conclusions: The balls should not be recommended for really small kids (younger than 7). If you are not situated properly, playing in the ball can cause some headaches. We think the bubbles should have a waist belt. We also found the bubbles become dirty very easily.

While deflating we had to lie on the bubbles to deflate them, as it was difficult to remove all the air. We had to push a button in the nozzle to deflate it; it takes at least five minutes to deflate.

Here is some feedback from some of the kids who tried it out:

Ava said, “Awesome! Have a friend around when you play with the bubble, and not recommended for children with no patience.”

Emily had a different feeling, saying, “It made me feel like I would throw up.”

Jack liked it, but added, “It was fun but too tight. I wish I tested the bigger size.”

Overall, our feelings were mixed. Some kids absolutely wanted to get one and others felt it was just OK.

RATING 3.5 smiles

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