Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Our sanitizer collections

Kidsday reporters Lucy Zalayet, left, and Danielle Levitt

Kidsday reporters Lucy Zalayet, left, and Danielle Levitt with their sanitizers. Credit: Debbie Cain

Imagine walking into a house only seeing sanitizers and two people playing with them. That would be our houses and our sanitizers.

You might be thinking what a weird collection to have. Well, we don’t feel the same. We love to bathe in the nice smell of sanitizers. We love sanitizers so much because we are quirky, I guess. We think what attracts us like a magnet is the wonderful smell.

How did we start our collection? Well, one night, Danielle was on her laptop and she just remembered she needed moisturizing cream for her hands. She opened up a tab and typed moisturizing cream. She opened up the first tab she saw and it opened up a tab called Danielle was on her computer for a very long time until she found the perfect moisturizing cream.

Danielle was satisfied with her order, but she went and browsed the website to see if there were any more sales because the moisturizing cream had a great deal. All of a sudden, sanitizers in a pack of five caught her eye, and they had a great deal. So Danielle went and bought a few packs while the sale lasted, and loved them when they came in the mail.

So the next day, Danielle went to school and told her friends she is now collecting sanitizers. Of course, one of those people was Lucy. So she really liked the idea and bought some sanitizers too. We loved the fact we both have sanitizers so now we technically share a collection. Now, in total we have 165 sanitizers and we love them.

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