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Our school gives us tablets

Our school offers Windows 8 tablets to students in grades five to eight. It is a small laptop with amazing features. Our school has developed a districtwide technology plan that gives students the opportunity to go paperless and stay organized.

In kindergarten to grade four, the students have Windows 8 tablets as well, except they cannot bring their tablets home, while we middle-schoolers can.

Students have the opportunity to do homework and schoolwork on a digital technological device that organizes all documents, apps and Microsoft logos, including games and other features. My favorite apps are the Bing Translator, Word documents, OneNote and PowerPoint. The tablet has Microsoft Office, news, weather, entertainment and other educational apps to provide students with knowledge, dedication and responsibility.

While we like them a lot, these tablets cost a lot and repairs seem to take forever if technical problems occur. Another minor problem is that students may leave their tablets in class or do something that can break or ruin the tablet.

Overall, the tablets are great for the students of Tuckahoe.

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