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Our school likes to raise funds to help others

Our school is special. We often come together to help others. With the holidays right around the corner it is time for everyone to think of others. Our school likes doing this. For Thanksgiving, we helped collect food for the poor. We organized a fundraiser so each grade had to bring a certain type of food that doesn't spoil. We loaded up the food into Sister Kristy's red Jeep for three consecutive days, and she called the program Feed The Jeep! Because of all the food we were able to feed 40 families. We collected more than 250 food items. We gave out canned vegetables, pasta, soup, and crackers.

Last year the third-grade class made sandwiches for the poor and homeless. The organization did this for Maureen's Haven Homeless Outreach. They are located in Riverhead. Besides food, they have events such as Songwriter's Classic, One Guitar, and annual gala Disco Bash. It benefited our class by giving us a great experience and showed us how hard life is. It also showed us what we have to do to help someone who is in need.

We students also help St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, by donating money to them. It takes millions of dollars to run St. Jude, so the doctors can cure cancer. Each year we raise between $2,000 to $3,000 for them. It takes $100,000 to cure one person. We did it by holding a math-a-thon. We like that it is kids helping kids!

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