Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Our school’s trip to Pennsylvania for a music competition

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

Last June, I went to Pennsylvania with my school to compete in a music competition. We had to arrive at school to board the bus at 5:30 in the morning. It took four hours to get to the competition. When we entered with all our instruments, our band was nervous, but the second we all got on the stage, we were ready. Our band practices from December to June, so we knew the songs like it was the alphabet.

We were performing three songs against 14 other schools. When we started playing, we never played that well in our lives. It was amazing. When we finished it was a strong performance. The judges were amazed and they told us that we played the dynamics really well and that every time we finished we left an echo in the room. I felt I did my part. I play the saxophone and I hit every note, I kept up with the band, I did all the dynamics really well, and I transitioned from measure to measure flawlessly.

When we finished this part, it was time to have fun. We went to Dorney Park. It was a 20-minute ride to get there. The second we all entered we went to all the roller coasters. We went on Talon, Hydra, Steel Force, Possessed, and Thunder Hawk. My favorite roller coaster was Talon because it was fun when it kept going upside down.

At the end we went to the spot where the awards were going to be given. First it was chorus. The whole competition got quiet, then they announced the school that won. It was Howell Road, our school! Our orchestra took first place, too. Then at the end it was the band’s turn to be announced. We got so quiet you could hear a cricket chirping. When they said the band winner was Howell Road, we were screaming. Then it was the last award, the overall band trophy. We won first place, won by one-tenth of a point. Our school had not won a band overall trophy in years. The feeling was awesome.

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