Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Our Skull and Bones Drama Club

Last year, I joined the Mepham High School Skull and Bones Drama Club. It was the best decision I have ever made.

When my sister joined the club two years ago, she was a part of both the cast and the crew, and my father even came in to help construct the sets. Being a freshman, I got a small part, but I was elated to be included, anyway! I had a blast taking part.

In the spring, I was excited to try out for the school

musical "The Wedding

Singer." This show helped me discover something I haven't ever thought was possible: I really enjoy dancing. The intense dances we learned have grown on me, and I'm even considering taking dance classes.

This month, we will be performing "Almost Maine," a comedy that is about the residents of a made-up town called Almost who hilariously fall in and out of love. In the spring, we will be performing "The Sound of Music."

We also have two extra shows: "The Thespian Revue" and an improvisation show. The revue is a fundraiser for our club, where all the members are allowed to pick a song, dance or scene from a musical and perform. It also serves as a ceremony to induct new members into the Thespian Society.

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