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Our SOUPer Bowl helps others

Kidsday reporter Kahlin Hayes with teacher Alexander Soupios,

Kidsday reporter Kahlin Hayes with teacher Alexander Soupios, who leads the soup can collecting project at Franklin Square's Washington Street School. Credit: AnnMarie Drosman

Every year at our school, for one to two weeks, we have a SOUPer Bowl and soup can collection. We do this because we want to have fun with it and want to help people in need.

I interviewed one of the fourth-grade teachers, and the leader of the project, Alexander Soupios. Here are some questions I asked him:

What made you become the leader of the SOUPer Bowl and soup can collection? I became the leader because I want to help kids understand the importance of more than just schoolwork, because some kids don’t understand it as well as others.

Where does the soup can collection go? It goes to different places every year, and they pick a charity that is in need.

How did this school come up with this idea? Another principal had the idea, and we just want to care for the unfortunate.

How did you get picked to help out with this? My last name has the word “soup” in it so that was a natural pick.

What are some events that we do during the SOUPer Bowl week? Wear your favorite jersey, bring in soup cans to get a ticket to try to kick the football into the field goal.

I have learned so much about why we do this. Maybe you should come up with a fun activity that will help a lot of people! This is a really good thing and maybe some people will see you and help others, and it will spread all around the world. Also, you will feel really good about yourself.

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