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Our STEM lab is awesome

Our school just got a new STEM lab this past year. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The STEM lab even has a robot. It's awesome!

The robot's name is Oxbot. You can make Oxbot move by programming him with computer code. He can do soccer and tai chi. The robot can even talk to you. Once he fell down and then he said "Ouch!" because he got hurt. The robot can also say "No" and "Yes" when we ask him questions.

Our STEM lab also has LEGO sets. We had to follow the directions and read the diagrams and we made LEGO cars. We learned that if at first your car doesn't work, you should keep trying to make your car work. Sometimes we even had to change the design of the car to make it work.

Our principal, Corinne Seeh, has watched and participated in a few LEGO activities herself. She said, "I especially enjoyed watching the third graders build their catapults. LEGO activities are fantastic at fostering working together as a team, creative thinking and thinking like an engineer. Our STEM lab benefits all children at Oxhead."

When we start fifth grade in September we are really excited to go back to our STEM lab. We want to learn more about how to program Oxbot. Maybe we can get him to high-five us!


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