We surveyed our sixth-grade peers to find out how they do their homework and asked them for tips on how to get it done and save time. Here are the top homework responses (not every kid answered every question).

When do you do your homework?Immediately after school 65 After 4 p.m. 22Where do you do your homework?My room 34

The kitchen 19Do you do the difficult or easy assignments first?Difficult first 25

Easy first 15

What is your favorite subject?Math 47

Science 17What is your least favorite subject?Math 34

ELA 29

These are the top three tips from sixth graders:

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Get your homework done right away so you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.

Don't get distracted, and sit in a quiet place.

Do the easy work last, so you can get the difficult work done.

Now, hopefully this article helps you get your homework done. Good luck!