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Our sweet obsession with Bath & Body Works

Kidsday reporter Georgia Apazidis with her Bath &

Kidsday reporter Georgia Apazidis with her Bath & Body Works product. Credit: Meagan Miller

Do you like smelling sweet and being nice and clean? Well, then here is a collection for you. So many kids are obsessed with Bath & Body Works’ sanitizers, lip balms, lotions, shower gels and fragrance mists.

Girls of all ages are collecting them, even boys. They are collecting them because of how good the products smell and because they leave hands nice and clean. Some boys enjoy the fruity, yummy scents, but some prefer the regular non-scented one. There are gender neutral sanitizers such as Stress Relief, Energy, Ocean, and Noir. Some girls and boys have so many they need a bucket.

In surveying my classmates, I learned some have more than 200. Whether you start with a small collection or a large one, it will most likely grow from trading doubles! You can get so many because they are affordable. The lip balm and sanitizers are pocket size and fit into almost anything. Some come in sets or packs of five and even 10!

The average sanitizer is $1.75 and sets are $6 for five and $12 for 10, which teens think is a reasonable price. There are different types of decorations for them, like fun covers and keychains with different designs on them to put them on bags, keys, or anything else that has a chain or zipper.

I think this trend is here to stay. You can pick some up at your local Bath & Body Works.

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