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Our trip to a national women’s soccer league game

Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to New Jersey to watch the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), with Sky Blue FC playing the Houston Dash. Sky Blue FC won 2-1. It was an exciting game and was just so much better to watch in person. The Sky Blue team worked well together to win the game.

This year, Lifetime TV Network and the NWSL have partnered to air a Saturday Game of the Week on Lifetime all season. They will be covering the regular season, the playoffs and the NWSL Championship.

Our job as Kidsday reporters that day was to interview Sky Blue star player Christie Rampone Pearce and Lifetime game analyst and former star player Aly Wagner. If you follow soccer, you know that Christie played on three Olympic teams and was a World Cup team player twice. We were escorted down to the field. We were able to get on the field because we all had media passes. When we were interviewing Christie and Aly we were very nervous, but excited at the same time.

We asked Christie about playing on different surfaces. Christie told us that she has gotten used to turf fields lately, so she prefers turf now. Christie told us she started playing when she was only 5, following in her older sister’s footsteps. We wanted to know when she felt she was a really good player. She said she knew it when she was invited to the women’s national soccer team.

We wanted to know what her other career choice was going to be if soccer didn’t work out and Christie said that she would want to work with special -needs kids. Interviewing Christie was amazing!

After we interviewed Christie, we went over to the Lifetime broadcast truck and sat with former Olympian and National team player Aly Wagner, who is now a game analyst on Lifetime. Just walking into the truck was amazing.

There were screens everywhere to find highlights in the game to play when the game is over. Before starting our conversation, Aly asked us a little bit about us before we interviewed her. When interviewing Aly, we asked her where she has made the bigger mistake: playing or broadcasting? Aly told us that she has messed up on both a lot. She added that it has happened more in broadcasting because sometimes she forgets what to say.

We wanted to know if all the traveling was difficult. Aly said it was, because shehas a family, but added that she liked to see new cities. She filled us in on how she prepares for a game and she also told us a bit about her playing career. Did you know that Aly is among the top 10 players of the USA national soccer team in providing assists? Aly told us that players like scoring the goals for the game but she like to assists all the goals.

It was so exciting being able to do this. It was awesome interviewing them and being able to watch the game. Lifetime will present a broadcast a game every Saturday during the season so if you can’t get to see the game in person, enjoy it on TV.

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