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Our trip to Orzac Center for Rehabilitation in Valley Stream

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Jean Yoo, Jericho

Our trip to Orzac Center for Rehabilitation in Valley Stream was amazing. Before we went, we learned that Orzac is like an adult day care for elders and people that are recovering from injuries.

When we showed up they provided food and a social hour for anyone who needs help or wants to hang out. We brought games, puzzles, crafts and more so that we could socialize with them.

Before we went, we were nervous but excited because we had never experienced this. So we were also excited to help, talk and play. What we came to find was that they were just as excited to see us, some of them loved to color and make crafts, and some of them wanted to keep those crafts for their grandchildren. Some of them were amazing checker players and they would win all the time. But most of them just wanted to talk and reminisce on their past and give us tips.

When we had to leave and go back to school, they were sad and we promised to come back soon. Many of us didn’t want to leave, not only because we had a spelling test waiting for us, but because we actually had fun playing with our new friends.


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