Good Evening
Good Evening

Our visit to a performing arts center

The Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center is a place for singing, dancing and acting. With performances by famous artists, concerts and even camps for kids, the place has it all.

The Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center (WHBPAC) was founded in 1997 to teach adults and kids in the community to experience and appreciate the arts. The building was built in 1932 as a movie theater. My mom and dad used to go see movies there when they were kids. In 1996, a group of investors bought the theater, and, along with many volunteers from the community, renovated it to the state-of-the art theater it is today.

I had the chance to go to the camp last summer and had a great time. We put on a production of "Rumpelstiltskin" in just five days. How do they do it? Great directors and advisers. When I got there, we all auditioned for the parts. During the week, we practiced the dances and our lines. It was really fun because we got to go into the different parts of the building. We went into the dance studio, which was really cool. At the end of the week, we performed the play on the big stage with the curtains and lights. The place was packed. We celebrated with an ice cream social where we ate ice cream and played with our friends. We also got to be in a flash mob with a whole bunch of kids from the camp. We practiced a lot, and it was a lot of fun.

As you can see, it took a lot of hard work to build the WHBPAC and its offerings. It has had many guests to entertain people and productions to teach kids. So if you go to Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, you know you will have a great time.

The center is located at 76 Main St., Westhampton Beach. Call 631-288-1500. Visit them online at to find out who is performing there.

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