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Our visit to Life Time Athletic gym in Garden City

Kidsday reporters visit Life Time Athletic gym in

Kidsday reporters visit Life Time Athletic gym in Garden City. Credit: Karen Landsman

Looking for a place to work out, relax, learn dances, take yoga classes, swim, or do all of the above and more? Life Time Athletic has it all. It is made for everyone, including kids, so you’ll have no problem dropping your kids off and knowing they will be in great care. The benefits include a spa, restaurant, indoor and outdoor pool, workout section, a kids play area and a basketball court.

When faced with the question about where your kids are going to go while you’re enjoying the amenities, don’t hire a baby sitter. Simply bring your kids with you! Kids, age 3 months to 11 years, will be taken care of by the Life Time staff. Here are some examples of what your kid could experience at Life Time:

MIND & BODY This teaches your growing child to get moving and get active. Introductions to yoga, dance, and karate are included in the fun.

FITNESS & AGILITY Start your little one off with some beginner ball skills, maze play and tumble time! Watch as they become a little pro!

ARTS & CULTURE Your toddler will learn about arts and crafts, music and even Spanish!

LIFE SKILLS Introduction to nutrition, preschool skills and computer skills, and get in the pool for a family swim.

Life Time also offers a variety of boot camp-type classes. As your kids get older, the activities are arranged to fit what your children need and want. Kids 12 and older have access to almost the whole facility.

For the parents, Life Time has made it as easy as it gets. There are many options. There is a wide variety of equipment, as well as a basketball court and personal trainers for one-on-one sessions. If you’re going for a relaxing day, the spa and maybe even some of the dance and yoga classes will appeal to you. The spa offers hair, nail and massage treatments. There are indoor and outdoor pools, with lounge chairs and two slides.

It’s a great place for everyone. Our entire class made a visit there and it was so much fun! Stay healthy, go to Life Time.

  It is located at 750 Zeckendorf Blvd., Garden City. For more information:

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