Good Evening
Good Evening

Our visit to Suffolk County Farm

Our class went to the Suffolk County Farm and Education Center in Yaphank. There's lots to do and we had a lot of fun. In the general store you will find people trading for what they want. We got to pretend that we were tinsmiths, and trade for stuff we didn't have, like coffee and berries.

In the house we did a lot of fun stuff. We got to dip candles. So we put a piece of string, then we put it in the wax for one second and in the cold water for two seconds. Once your candles are nice and thick, take them out and let them cool off. Then in the house you will also find a list of chores. Some chores are milk the cow, wash the clothes and feed the animals.

In the barn there were lots of animals, like chickens, donkeys, cats, goats and rabbits. We also got to brush the donkey and we got to smell the fertilizer. It smelled bad. In the tinsmith building we got to make lanterns. Then we got to put our candles in the lantern. So when we light our candles we see the decoration from our lantern.

The farm is at 350 Yaphank Ave., Yaphank. The fall is a great time to go because they have pumpkin picking and corn mazes and other fun stuff to do.

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