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Our younger buddies

In my school we have grades ranging from pre-K to sixth. In my sixth-grade class we have a buddy kindergarten class. A buddy class is a class that we do many fun projects with during the school year.

It is a very big responsibility to have buddies who are younger. We have to make sure we set a good example because they look up to us as older buddies. With that responsibility we also have to make sure they listen, they act nice toward one another, and most of all, have a good time!

We do many things with our buddies, such as go on field trips to the fire house, and make a lot of fun crafts. Each time we meet up with our buddy class we get a new buddy so that we get to interact with different students.

A great craft idea for March is to make four-leaf-clover hand prints. All you need is green paint and a white piece of construction paper. First dip your hand in the green paint then press your hand down on the construction paper four times, making the four leaves of the clover. Paint a stem and let the paint dry.

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