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63° Good Afternoon

Our yummy visit to Potatopia

We went to visit a new restaurant in New York City. The restaurant was called Potatopia. Potato plus Utopia (which means an ideal or perfect place) makes an interesting word that's hard to say at first.

We got to interview the owner, Allen Dikker. After the interview, we all got to try some food, and it was delicious!

The potato is super versatile! You can make it healthy or more indulgent, depending on what you add to it and how you feel. We got to try some of the potatoes!

There were two parts to the menu, Signature Meals and Build Your Own. The signature meals were popular meals that tell you what is in it. For the build your own, you could put what you liked in your meal.

There were five main parts to your dining experience: Pick your potato, toppings, proteins, sauce and a drink.

We tried a few samples, and we couldn't pick a favorite. They make the potatoes almost any way you want, and if you don't see what you like, you can build your own. We really enjoyed the food.

If you are in the city and come across a Potatopia, stop and see for yourself what a great place it is! It's at 378 Sixth Ave., 212-260- 4100. Online:

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