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Out East Family Fun for a summer splash

Out East Family Fun is a water park in Riverhead that's a lot of fun. They have many things to do. They have many different waterslides and other games to play if you don't feel like getting wet.

The most popular ride is the Hippo slide because it is one of the biggest ones you can find. It's about three stories tall. They always have a line, but it moves pretty quickly. That's because they take two people at a time.

Another attraction is the game Water Wars. You can either play by yourself or with two people. You have to launch water balloons at your opponents and try to get them wet.

Last year, they came out with Depth Charge. If you hit the target, your opponent will get soaked. After you run out of water balloons, you're done.

If you play baseball, and you don't want to get wet, the batting cage is for you. The only downside is that you have to pay a certain amount of money for 10 pitches.

Another dry activity is the basketball game. You stand on a trampoline and try to make as many baskets as possible in a certain amount of time.

There's also another basketball activity. But this one gets you wet. You try to shoot more baskets than your opponent in a certain amount of time. If you lose, you get misted by water. But if you win, you stay dry.

Another waterslide is called The Hurricane; it will surely get you wet. The Roaring River allows two people to go at a time. There's a steep drop; then, you splash right into a pool.

For the younger ones, there's a mini water park called the Splash Zone. It has two smaller slides. One is the Dash and Splash. You have to get through an obstacle, then through a tunnel slide. After the obstacle, you get to have as much fun as possible on the slide.

Then, there's a Mini Bounce and Dip. The Mini Bounce and Dip is a bouncy house.

Lastly, for the more daring younger ones, there's the Pirates Adventure Galley.

I hope you decide to go to Out East Family Fun. You'll surely have a great time. I know I do every time I visit! Call 631-208-9397; the address is 1716 Old Country Rd., Riverhead; the website:

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