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Overprotective parents? Here are our top annoyances

Kids can get frustrated by overprotective "helicopter parents."

Kids can get frustrated by overprotective "helicopter parents." Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Have you ever thought that your parents can be just flat-out ridiculous? You haven’t met ridiculous until you’ve had an overprotective parent. These parents are the types who put their kids on leashes. Here are the top ways parents are way too overprotective.

  • Play dates are a no-no. Imagine being at your best friend’s house having the time of your life. That friend’s got everything: an Xbox One, a trampoline, that rare Pokémon card you could only dream of, everything. But with an overprotective parent, well. . . . Say goodbye to that.
  • No playground is without a parent constantly “examining” your friends. Make sure you don’t do anything that might ruin their reputation as a “good” parent. They pick who you play with, which might lead others to believe you’re a toddler in a fifth-grader’s body.
  • They’ll make friends for you. Does your mom have a friend who just so happens to have a kid? Good news, you’ll have a new friend, no matter the age, gender, personality or attitude.
  • They’re always monitoring your internet and social media. Google, nope. Email, no way. YouTube, forget about it. iPhone? Out of the question.
  • “Helping” with homework turns into doing it for you. Sure, that may sound like Hawaii-level paradise, but if you think about it, you won’t understand your work, especially if you don’t pay attention in class. Isn’t that right, Johnny?
  • That new episode of your favorite show is on, and you can’t miss it. But the sound of your mom’s nagging haunts you. And there it is: “Johnny, why aren’t you in bed? It’s Wednesday.” But Mom! And the next day, everyone is spoiling that plot-heavy episode. Now it’s ruined.
  • Your mom reluctantly lets you go to Billybob’s house. But now you’re bombarded with “How’s his mom doing?” “Make sure his dog doesn’t get near you.” The texts are endless. Every five minutes, you hear, “Bing-bong.” There goes the ringtone. Again.
  • It’s a hot summer day, and you want to wear those cute shorts your friend got you for your birthday. But when you walk out of the room — “Go change.”
  • You’re playing tag with your friends, and everyone’s hopping the fence. You want to keep up, so you start climbing when — “Johnny, you’re not hopping the fence, are you?” Then you feel a tap on your back — “You’re it.” Mom!

Supermoms are the worst when they’re this overprotective.

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