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Ozobot Evo robot is a fun way to start coding

Kidsday reporter Jack Dunn with the Ozobot Evo.

Kidsday reporter Jack Dunn with the Ozobot Evo. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I tested the Ozobot Evo. The Ozobot robot is able to do all sorts of things, such as talk and sense objects. It follows a black line and spins around following the black line.

The Ozobot has a lot of features, including precise movements, LED lights, audio playback and more. The Ozobot can message worldwide. You can also connect it to your phone and control it with your phone from up to 30 feet away. You can use the app on your phone to play with your friends’ Ozobots. The Ozobot comes with a skin to put on to change the look.

The Ozobot moves by color codes. You can design a path for the robot by drawing lines and colors that make up different codes. For example, if you draw a black line with a blue mark, then green, then red, then black line again, it will go very fast. There are many different codes that tell it to do things such as go left, make a U-turn, spin, go fast, go slow and more. It comes with markers to make a path, but you can also use regular thick markers or else use the board that it comes with.

The Ozobot app lets you do a lot of cool things. You can have it make noises, like laugh and snore. I really liked playing with the Ozobot. It is a lot of fun. I learned how to make codes for the Ozobot to move around.

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