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Paddleboarding is big in Port Jefferson

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Maitreya Driscoll-Stremich

If you have nothing to do over the summer, and you like going to the beach, you should try paddleboarding.

When you’re paddleboarding, you can do so many fun things, like surfing waves and learning cool tricks to help you make it easier for you. Another fun thing to do when you're paddleboarding is falling off the board.

Mia wrote: The first time paddleboarding was a little hard. When you first get on a paddleboard, you have to find your balance. Currently, my family owns six paddleboards because we love racing so much.

Aoife wrote: It’s only a little hard until you learn how to do it, but learning is easy.  I’ve only had a paddleboard about two years and during the summer only used it about three times, but I can stand and paddle without falling off. It is also really fun! Last time I went on the paddleboard, my friends and I all wanted to use it at once. We had lots of fun and stayed on the paddleboard for hours!

Tips for paddleboarding

  • Never immediately try to stand up on the paddleboard. When you are a beginner, you should start kneeling down.
  • Don’t go out farther than you can get back in from. Some rookie paddleboarders go out and then get so tired, it’s hard to come back in.
  • Take short breaks frequently. You can get out of breath easily, so you need to rest.
  • Get a CamelBak (a backpack that has a bag full of water with a straw sticking out) — it helps when you are doing long-distance paddles.
  • Watch out for sea life in the water. If you see a sea creature, try to stay on the board because if you fall off, you could hurt the animal or yourself.
  • When you are paddling, don’t let the paddle go past your ankle, because that is negative energy, and then you would waste energy.

Nancy Bachety’s sixth-grade class, Port Jefferson Middle School

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