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Good Afternoon

PaiBand kids activity tracker features game play

Kidsday reporter Joseph Delgado tests the PaiBand activity

Kidsday reporter Joseph Delgado tests the PaiBand activity tracker. Credit: Delgado family

The PaiBand (Pai Technology) is a kids activity tracker that comes with a free app that encourages physical activity through game play. I think this is good for younger kids, almost like a FitBit for younger kids. You collect points for all the activities you do.

You can play lots of games on the PaiBand because it can connect to a tablet or smartphone. It comes with this little thing that goes around your ankle, and you can play a game like Subway Surfers.

It even has an app so your parents can monitor your activity as well. It can monitor heart rate, track steps, monitor sleep patterns, and even set alarms to help keep activities organized. Probably a lot of stuff we don’t care much about because we are busy doing stuff, but Mom and Dad might want to know how active we are or how active we need to be.

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