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Palms Free Harness protects your cellphone

Kidsday reporter Gabriella Palma wears a Palms Free

Kidsday reporter Gabriella Palma wears a Palms Free Harness designed by her dad, Gary Palma. Credit: Richard Rosenfeld

The Palms Free Harness is a product that holds your cellular device safely. It allows kids and adults to be hands-free and holds their valuable device without it being harmed.

The inventor of the Palms Free Harness, Gary Palma, my dad, created this harness when he switched to a smartphone. Because he is a carpenter, he is always working on ladders, roofs, etc. When his phone broke, he decided to create a solution. The Palms Free Harness looks like a small plastic cube with two opening clasps that adjust for the size of your device. It then has four retractable lanyards that you clasp together. Then, you lock the harness in place after putting your device inside, and you don’t need to worry about putting your device away. You can wear it around your neck, or attach it to something, including your clothes.

It is also helpful to wear a Palms Free device if you are on a train, bus, or any other type of transportation. It is even great for outdoor sports.

The Palms Free Harness is being manufactured in China. From the time that my dad created this product in 2013, we have gotten a patent and a trademark on the invention. For more information about the Palms Free Harness go to

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