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Paper Jam doubles the Mario world fun

Kidsday reporter Andrew Miglino with the Mario &

Kidsday reporter Andrew Miglino with the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam game. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I played Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for the Nintendo 3DS. It kind of relates to the older game called Paper Mario: Sticker Star. This game is fun and sort of complex.

The game has a very interesting story to it. Luigi bumps into a bookshelf, and a book falls out and opens. But the book is not just any book — it is magical! And when it opens, it contains the paper world of Mario, which falls out of the book and into the 3-D world of Mario. But then, since all the people in the world of Mario doubled, that also means Bowser doubled too.

I really like the game. My favorite part of the game is the introduction. I like when Princess Peach meets paper Princess Peach, and they both say at the same time, “Are you ... me?” I also like the scene with Luigi. He is scared of the dark, fights nothing in a hole in the wall, and jumps so high, he hits the ceiling, all because he was scared of a mouse.

I also like it when the two Bowsers meet. They are confused and start a fight, which of course does not end prettily. Bowser says, “I will rearrange your face in a ‘minute!’ ” And paper Bowser says, “I’d like to see you try!” Then they both hit each other. Then, the two Bowser Jrs. meet. They get along well, while the two Bowsers hate each other. I really recommend this to anyone who likes Mario or has a 3DS.

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