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Parakeets and how to care for them

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Julie Huang, Woodbury

Parakeets can be awesome pets. They are spunky, playful and loud. These birds are all the way from Australia and come in a variety of colors like green, blue and yellow. My birds, Skittles and Blue Raz, have a bird bath they love to play in. Watch out, because they can make a mess. They love to play, especially with toy keys. They have special food and love fruit like grapes and oranges. If you leave the door open, your birds might fly out. Also, it is very important to watch them because if they think a predator is coming at them, they get scared. Therefore, try not to grab them. Be gentle. A good tip is to stick your finger on the bottom of the perch and have them walk onto your hand. If you decide to get a parakeet, I hope you enjoy it as a pet as much as I do.


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