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Parents can make mistakes, too

Are parents always right? Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. For example, when you're at a sports game, you get the ball and you hear in the background, "RUN! RUN! RUN!" Really, you should be passing the ball, but your parents think otherwise. This can be distracting. This is a time when your parent is wrong. But they can be right, too. Like when they tell you to clean your room and while cleaning it you find out that cleaning your room isn't half bad. It even helps you find things.

The truth is that parents aren't always right. But it's not their fault, because most times, they are just trying to help you. Parents will make mistakes. But everyone makes mistakes. What is important is the lesson learned when you make a mistake. For example, if you throw a ball to a friend with a window in the background and accidentally break the window, you learn to change position. If parents are willing to admit their mistakes, it is easier for us kids to admit our mistakes -- and to admit when our parents are right.

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