Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Parents, chill out at kids' sports games

Do parents yell on the sidelines at you at youth sporting events? Well, if they do, we will tell you some tips and other things to prevent that from happening. Parents do that because they want to help kids with their sports. but are they really helping you? Do they embarrass you or make you nervous?

You should listen to your coach. They studied the sport longer than your parents. Remember, parents.

You should ask your parents to either teach you more about the sport or stop yelling. "I play basketball, and my dad always tells me to stay between the man and the basket," Airlea says.

"I play soccer and my dad says, 'Move up to the line,' " 9-year-old Erin shares.

"I play basketball and my dad yells, 'Run, run. Go down the field. Use your legs,' " Connor reveals.

We say, encouragement is good, but we don't like the yelling. They should stop. If they still do it, tell your coach. Then they should stop or you can say, "You can only cheer."

Maybe this will help you become a better player without your parents yelling so much.

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