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Parkour is a great activity for kids

We are Parkourists from Eastport. Parkour is an activity where one attempts to get from Point A to Point B on foot via the quickest and most creative route. Oftentimes, this involves jumping, rolling, sliding, flipping and quick climbs. I started doing Parkour about a year ago, after I came across it on YouTube, because it looked like fun. Parkour originated in France in the late 1980s and gained popularity through films. Today, it is widely known. It must be, because two of my classmates also like Parkour. I like to do it because it makes me feel free, is great exercise and the more you do it, the stronger and more flexible you become, which helps with all sports.

Parkour is an individual activity, so you can do it every day and basically anywhere, with little to no equipment. Although adults may get a little annoyed as you jump and glide over couches, desks and benches. They don't understand how much fun it is! I have gotten in trouble a bunch of times vaulting over desks. Around the country there are Parkour gyms where that wouldn't be a problem. I would like to open a Parkour gym here on the East End of Long Island. It would be a great place to get together with other people who like Parkour and share tricks and ideas.

One place to go is 5-Star Sports & Entertainment Academy, 21 Ryder Place, East Rockaway. Call: 516-887-6600,

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