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Parkwood offers great ice skating in Great Neck

Ice-skating is a great sport. One of the places I like to go to is Parkwood Sports Complex in Great Neck. If you don't have ice skates, Parkwood has a little booth to rent skates. It is really helpful.

One of the reasons it is fun at Parkwood is because you get to do as many tricks as you want and it feels really scary, but it's fun. Another reason it is fun is because you can go fast and your hair flows in the air. The ice is smooth so you go fast easier than if the ice were chunky. The last reason it is fun is because while you're skating or playing around on the ice, you're listening to music. They have two huge speakers, the size of an elephant's ears. It is so much fun there.

Guess what? At Parkwood, there's a lounge with a cafe. What can you get at the cafe?, you ask? You can get fresh and warm churros, very, very hot pretzels, and chewy, soft and delicious French fries. Parkwood Ice Skating and Café is so much fun to go to with friends and family. I highly recommend it.

All you have to do is drive to 65 Arrandale Ave. in Great Neck and lace up your skates. It's as simple as that. It will be awesome! Visit the sports complex online at to find out when ice-skating is open to the public.

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