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A pug stars in 'Patrick,'  a movie about friendship

Beattie Edmonson stars as Sarah Francis and Patrick

Beattie Edmonson stars as Sarah Francis and Patrick stars as himself in the film, "Patrick." Credit: CREDIT: Courtesy of Screen Media

We just  watched the movie “Patrick” in our classroom. At first, we thought it was a little slow. In the beginning, we also didn’t understand why it was called “Patrick.” There was a sad scene in the beginning, but there was upbeat music during the sad scene and that seemed weird to us. Then we were introduced to the main character, Sarah (played by Beattie Edmonson), and the dog, Patrick. Sarah is a substitute teacher, and she inherits Patrick from her grandmother. As a teacher, Sarah was both strict and funny. One time she took out a horn and blew it while the kids were talking. It was really funny. Another time, a kid burped the answer to a question. She asked, “How do you spell that?” The actress who played Sarah was a good actress and she was hilarious.  

The movie definitely got better as it went along. At first, Sarah didn’t like dogs, and we didn’t like that. Throughout the movie, she grows to like Patrick. Patrick is a pug. He is lovable and does really funny things. Some of the things that Patrick does may not be funny to Sarah, but are funny to the viewer. For example, Patrick poops inside the house and Sarah slips on the poop, and it got on her hair. Sarah was upset but we got a good laugh out of that.  

In another scene, Sarah goes on a date with Patrick’s veterinarian. She orders her steak well-done, and he tells the waiter that she will have her steak rare. In the old days, that was a normal thing for a man to do, but these days that is disrespectful. We felt proud of Sarah when she stood up for herself and refused to go on another date with him. Another scene we liked was when Patrick ran away but then came back. Sarah was running in a 5-kilometer race, and Patrick came back while Sarah was on the ground after passing out. This was also a great scene because there was another teacher who did not approve of Sarah during most of the movie, but he was cheering for her in the end. We recommend this movie and give it a 4.5 smiles (out of 5).

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