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Paul's Pizza in Southampton is all about family

Credit: Kidsday staff artist Emma Cervone, Southampton

Credit: Kidsday staff artist Emma Cervone, Southampton

Paul’s Italian Restaurant, or Paul’s, as most people in Southampton call it, is one of our favorite restaurants!  

Paul’s opened in 1973 and has been run by the same owners ever since.  Paul DeRobertis and his family run the restaurant and make the food.  It is open seven days a week and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

The most popular items on the menu are the chicken Caesar salad and pizza. Because Paul’s is in a tourist area, it gets super busy in the summer.  They can sell between 120 and 200 pizzas on a Friday night.  Paul feels that his restaurant has been so successful because it’s a family restaurant.  Families can feel comfortable to sit down and eat and they don’t have to spend a lot for a great meal.  They also offer food perfect for kids (pizza) and adults (pasta and steak).  

Paul said that many families will come in for dinner before they go to the movies or to the concerts at Agawam Park.  We have to agree that Paul’s has the best pizza in Southampton.  You should stop in the next time you’re in town.

Info: 21 Hill St., Southampton, 631-283-1861,

Bonnie Downs and Allison Whittle’s writers club, Tuckahoe School, Southampton

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