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Peace Time is a good break from classwork

Isn't it hard to find time to relax during the school year? Most people feel stressed from working on so many textbooks and work sheets. Wouldn't it be cool to have a few minutes to talk with your friends and teachers about their daily lives instead of math, English, science or social studies?

Every Friday at my school, my class has something called Peace Talk. Our teacher selects a character word to discuss. For example, if the teacher chooses helpful, one by one we would give examples of being helpful to one another. Some kids get awards for being helpful.

Each week, there is a person of the week called the rock star. The rock star has privileges. Each rock star chooses the new rock star for the following week. After Peace Talk, we watch a YouTube clip, which is the rock star school-

appropriate song. A song that inspires me is "Gold," by Britt Nicole because this song reminds everyone to stay true to who they are.

I think this idea of Peace Talk is absolutely brilliant because students can relax and appreciate each other instead of working. Students can learn patience when waiting for their turn to speak, and gain confidence in speaking out loud.

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