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Good Morning

Pebble SmarthWatch can do so many cool things

Do you love playing games, receiving texts and streaming live sports? If so, then get the Pebble Watch. This watch can connect to your phone, iPad, or iPod or android. I have the coolest watch in the world to do all those things. It is the Pebble SmartWatch ( There is an app that you can get that has all these features. The watch has different kinds of faces. The watch shows the time and a logo of sports teams, TV characters, and much more. There are different apps you can get on the watch, too. Some cool apps are games, stopwatch, timer, calculator and ESPN.

ESPN works if you go to the app and it tells you what sports are in the news. There is NBA, NFL, MLB, FIFA and so much more. Another cool feature is that, since the watch connects to your phone, if you go to the music app you can play music on your phone. You can change songs and make the music go louder. Another cool feature is that, if someone calls you or texts you, it shows on your watch. It doesn't have a ring tone, it just vibrates, which is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, if somebody calls you, you can't pick it up and talk on your watch. I am so glad I have this.

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