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Good Morning

Peer Support: Students helping students

Middle school can be really tough for some kids. Peer pressure, exams, schoolwork and friendships are undeniably harsh middle-school realities. This is why one of the most beneficial programs in our school is the Peer Support organization.

This program was created to prevent kids from going down the wrong path in life. It is extremely easy for a kid to roll down the wrong path, and sometimes having a support team of other kids your age to talk to is more reliable than having only one guidance counselor as a source for help. Sometimes it is easier to talk to kids as opposed to adults. I am painfully shy and it is simpler to talk to kids in my age group, rather than an adult.

Kids are learning strategies to help other kids who may be having a hard time. In our school, everyone knows one another and it is more obvious to students than to teachers when something isn’t quite right about a student. The program holds events for students to raise bullying awareness, form unity, and promote kindness and leadership. These events are really missions to create a more successful and safe school environment for everyone. This organization is also a fantastic way to make friends, as it brings students together through a common goal.

I joined this program in order to help me come out of my shell. This program is a valuable organization for most students, as it has helped me make friendships that I wouldn’t have been able to make otherwise.

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