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Peer tutors lend a hand and learn in return

With MASH (More After School Help), students get

With MASH (More After School Help), students get assistance from Honor Society tutors. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kuipi Lam, Jericho

At some point in one’s academic career, practically everyone has received a test grade that they have not been proud of, which often leaves students confused about what to do to boost their grades. In our school, we have a simple solution: Come to MASH. More After School Help is a tutoring service directed by seventh- and eighth-grade members of the National Junior Honor Society.

Meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday after school. The tutors must have maintained at least an 84.5 overall average and participated in at least two clubs during the previous school year, which shows that they are very capable of managing extracurricular activities and their school work.

Being tutored by your peers, rather than by adults, seems to have a positive effect on many students. At tutoring sessions, students may review old tests, receive help with homework, have confusing topics explained to them, be quizzed on their knowledge of their notes, or even get help organizing a messy locker.

I know from experience that the tutors also learn valuable lessons of patience and understanding from their students. We also feel pride when we see our students succeed. For example, when one of my students who had scored a 60 on a test came to MASH boasting about her 91, I was so proud. I feel I have made a difference in a student’s academic life.

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