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Good Afternoon

Performing at a Relay for Life benefit concert

Kidsday reporter Alana Giallorenzi of Manorville and her

Kidsday reporter Alana Giallorenzi of Manorville and her brother, Anthony, played violin and drums for the concert. Credit: Michelle Giallorenzi

The Relay for Life benefit concert was a concert where kids performed at our school. All the money that was donated went to finding a cure for cancer. For the past 10 years, Jimmy Osborne Music of 377 Main St., Center Moriches, sponsored the Relay for Life event. We raised money for the American Cancer Society.

Each year approximately 70 contestants auditioned and 30 contestants were chosen to perform in the first round. The audience voted at the end of the performance, and five contestants moved on to the final round, which took place at Center Moriches High School.

Many acts auditioned. There was singing, dancing, violin, drums, guitar and even cup-stacking.

Next we performed. Everyone in the audience was given a voting card. It had the names of each contestant or act. You had to vote 1 to 4 for each act.

Finally, the kids who made it through performed one more time to determine the winner. Sadly, my brother, Anthony, and I — we played the drums and violin together — did not make it to the final round.

Mrs. Jackie Osborne, a fourth-grade teacher at our school, organized and hosted this amazing event. She added, “Although we no longer do the Relay for Life Event, we have moved our efforts into a new nonprofit organization called Neighbors Who Care. This organization raises money for our local neighbors who are suffering from cancer who need our assistance.” About $80,000 has been raised over the years. Even though they are not doing this benefit anymore, it was a great and memorable experience.

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