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Perplexus a challenging game for one person

Kidsday reporter Genevieve Shannon with a Perplexus Original.

Kidsday reporter Genevieve Shannon with a Perplexus Original. Credit: Brian Harvey

Sometimes you can be bored and don’t know what to do. A fun, mind-puzzling thing to do is play with a Perplexus.

This game, Perplexus (, you play all by yourself. It’s a marble maze inside a clear plastic sphere. There are twists and turns. This will keep you entertained for a long time.

Once the marble drops off the track, you have to start all over again. Trust me, this game can get challenging. However, it is entertaining for all ages. My grandma tried Perplexus once, and she loved it.

There are different kinds of Perplexus: Rookie, Original, Twist, Epic, Death Star, Original World’s Smallest Perplexus, Warp. Each type has a different marble maze.

Rookie has 100 barriers (challenges). I suggest Rookie for ages 6 and up. Rookie is very fun and just right for a good challenge. Original also has 100 barriers. It’s similar to Rookie, with different features like the Spiral, Rope, and Arm.

For all you “Star Wars” fans, there is a Perplexus based on the Death Star. Death Star has 114 barriers and cool features like sounds and lights.

The concept of Perplexus came from Michael McGinnis in the 1970s as a project for an art class, according to the website. Later on, Perplexus became a toy.

Brian Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Minnesauke Elementary School, East Setauket

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