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How a baby gecko became my perfect pet lizard

Kidsday reporter Mia Napoli and her pet lizard,

Kidsday reporter Mia Napoli and her pet lizard, Zilla. Credit: Napoli family

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a pet lizard. My parents surprised me for my 8th birthday with a trip to our local pet store Repxotica in West Islip. I was very excited when we went into the store (19 Udall Rd.;

As we entered the store, I felt the air was very dry. I learned that this is important for reptiles to live in. I was able to see all different types of reptiles. There were some really big ones and some really small ones. The worker, Rich Shannon, helped us with all of our questions. He helped us pick the best lizard for me. Rich showed me a baby gecko. Right away I knew this was going to be a perfect match.

I was able to pick which lizard I wanted. My lizard is tan with a yellow stripe down her back. I was also able to meet my new lizard’s mother. That was so cool! My lizard was only 10 days old. Rich taught me how to take care of my pet. We bought my new lizard a home, some trees and food. She had everything she needed to live with me.

Coming up with a name was really easy for me. As I am a huge Godzilla fan, it would only be right to name her Zilla. Zilla is now settled in my bedroom where I get to take care of her every day and watch her grow. She has gotten really big in two years. She is my best friend.

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