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Pete’s Bagel & Brunch, where I make bagels with my dad

Kidsday reporter Jillian Biondo and her dad make

Kidsday reporter Jillian Biondo and her dad make bagels at Pete's Bagel & Brunch in Eastport. Credit: Biondo family

My dad owns Pete’s Bagel & Brunch in Eastport and I help out making the bagels on Sundays sometimes. When you make bagels you have to wet the bagels and then put the seeds on them. You have to put the water on the bagels so the seeds stick. Then you have to put the bagels in the proofer, where the dough rises before baking. When the proofer is done, you put the bagels in the oven. When they are done in the oven, we let them cool for one minute.

Then I go get the bagel basket. My dad puts the bagels in the basket, along with

a store business card, gift card, bagel chips, and salsa. The baskets are made so people can donate them to hospitals. On Sundays in the fall my dad goes to the sports field on Dayton Avenue, and sells bagels there, too.

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