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Working out with your pets

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiera Pagano, Massapequa Park

A lot of times, people forget that even their pets need exercise to stay healthy, and keeping up with them can make you get fit and healthy, too.

I know that definitely in the summer I exercise with all of my dogs, and I know most people exercise in the summer with their pets, too, no matter what kind of pet they have. But I noticed that sometimes people may neglect to exercise with their pets in the other seasons, then they complain that their pets are “too far gone to get in shape again,” but they could have prevented that from happening.

There are different exercises you can do with your pets all year long. One of the most popular ways to exercise with your pets is to walk them or run with them, but you can’t always do that in the colder months. So another option is to run up and down the stairs, but if one of your pets is too fragile, or on the older end, you could set up an obstacle course and have them run it.

This might sound a little crazy, but you will be thanking me when your pets aren’t “obese”! Anyway, if you follow these steps closely, you and your pets can stay fit all year-round together.

Elisa Brosnan and Marybeth Clark’s writing and art club, West Hollow Middle School, Melville

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