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Focusing on what makes a picture perfect

Kidsday reporter Alexa Nothnagle shares some techniques "that

Kidsday reporter Alexa Nothnagle shares some techniques "that have helped me improve my photography and camera skills." Credit: Kidsday / Alexa Nothnagle

Everyone likes to take pictures on their phone, but many of us find ourselves disappointed in the way they come out. I have learned some techniques over the years that have helped me improve my photography and camera skills.

Make sure that the environment around the object or person you are photographing has good lighting. You want your camera to be able to focus on the subject and your image to be as clear as possible.

Keep your pictures simple. In a composition, there should be one strong image that is the main idea of your piece, instead of multiple less-important images that will make your piece crowded. Try to shoot photos from a new perspective, such as a lower angle. This will make your photos more dynamic and different and give them more depth.

Don’t be afraid to get up close to the subject of your piece and make sure to capture all of its detail. This will make your photo more interesting and eye-catching. As long you enjoy photography and are proud of your work, you can make up your own rules and have as much freedom as you want with your craft.

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