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When playing piano stopped being boring

Kidsday reporter Olivia Lebron playing the piano.

Kidsday reporter Olivia Lebron playing the piano. Credit: Lebron family

I started playing piano when I was 6. My mom said it is supposed to be fun. Well, I didn’t think that. I thought it was boring!

I started by playing easy songs, and over the years the songs have gotten harder. Does your mom or dad ever ask you to do things you don’t like to do? Mine do! They asked me to practice every day. I don’t like to practice, but Mom always tells me practice makes perfect.

I do it every day and I practiced to make her happy. Now I am a level 2 piano player, and I enjoy playing and making music. I can play all different type of songs. I have performed in Christmas recitals and other concerts. Oh boy, those performances make me so nervous. Because of the hard work I am confident in performing.

Now when I play piano, I enjoy listening to what I play, all because of hard work and my mom telling me to not give up so easily.

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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