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Good Morning

We're just here for the pie

Kidsday reporters Basti Gonsalez, left, and Jaylie Polanco

Kidsday reporters Basti Gonsalez, left, and Jaylie Polanco eating pie. Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Pie is a popular dessert around this time of year. Our class had a pie-tasting event.  Our school chef, Josh Poveda, baked five pies for us. After we tasted each pie, we voted for our favorite pie. Here are our results:

Apple 14

Pumpkin 6

Blueberry 6

Peach 1

Strawberry 0

“I really liked when we had the opportunity to try all the flavors,” Robinson Barralaga said.

After we voted, we found that apple pie was liked the most. “Out of all the pies, I liked the apple pie as the best,” Jonathan Vasquez said. "The apple had a sweeter flavor." Steven Villanueva also chose apple pie because “the apple with the cinnamon made the best combination.”

Even though we were picking our favorite pies, some kids also commented on the one they liked the least. Even though pumpkin received six votes, many kids disagreed. “I tried pumpkin. It was horrible,” said Jahdriel Licona.  

Mary Kate LaSpisa’s fifth-grade class, Evergreen Charter School, Hempstead

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