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Good Evening

Pilgrim fun at the Longwood Estates

The Longwood Estates is an amazing place. What amazes me is you get to live the life of a pilgrim. You even get to live the life of an American Indian. You learn a lot there. It includes the manor house, one-room schoolhouse and barns all on 35 acres of property. You'll make some warrior face paint, get taught how to shoot an American Indian arrow and all the other things. You can even go in a pilgrim's house or to the pilgrim's school. They will teach you about what they learned and where they sat and how they wrote! You will learn even more facts about the pilgrims and American Indians than you already know! The stories they tell you there are amazing. You can even go there on Halloween to see the scary side of the pilgrim's place. The Longwood Estates is the most wonderful place to learn about pilgrims. So, if you go there, I bet you will love and cherish that place like I did! It is located: Corner of Smith Road and Longwood Roads in Ridge.

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